Begin the year with a plan for good that is so easy!

What could be easier to plan and afford than a monthly giving plan?




What could be easier to plan and afford than a monthly giving plan?

Stop the suffering of your loved ones, with HSP or PLS with an affordable, convenient monthly plan.

A monthly plan is the way our lives usually work. We make a monthly payment of our mortgage. We make a monthly payment for our electricity and/or gas for our home. We make a monthly payment for our entertainment like cable television and Wi-Fi. We make those payments because things like a roof over our head, electricity in our home and television and computer access are critical elements of our lives.

But, isn't finding a cure for HSP and PLS for ourselves or loved ones, just as critical? If we don't make an effort to find that cure, can we trust others to do it all for us? Don't we owe it to our family and loved ones to put this on a convenient monthly schedule?

What's more, please enjoy knowing that our anonymous donor has pledged to double all your donations made on a monthly basis. Enjoy double the satisfaction from your donations and know that you are helping twice as many people.

Your monthly commitment will allow The Spastic Paraplegia Foundation be better able to predict incoming donations and thereby plan for upcoming research when scientists come knocking at our door with groundbreaking possibilities. This will again dramatically increase the effectiveness of your monthly plan and get us so much closer to a cure.

A tax receipt will be mailed to your address toward the end of the year and again all your donations will be doubled by our anonymous donor. Thank you in advance for your consideration of this idea. Please make your monthly donation plan today!

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